Our safety program is among the highest rated. We partner and work with certified training programs for all aspects of our business.

We take pride in our safety program

we have developed a proactive safety program that is value driven. Our employees are central to making sure our program continues to develop and improve. Training is a key element in preparing our people for safety doing their job.From required OSHA trainings to teaching Hazards identification to utilizing the benefits of an effective hear miss program,our employees are given all the tools to make sure everyone can work safely. How does this affect you? A strong safety program benefits a customer in many ways, including helping us to keep our cost competitive, providing you a sense of comfort that we are in compliance, avoiding costly accident investigations, and even helping you to maintain positive public relations.Let our safety values make your life easier.

Mission and customer service

At R & R Services, Inc. we embrace our responsibilty to deliver only the highest quality services and products to our customers. Our core mission is simple–to be the best energy services company in the oil and gas industry.From our owners and managers to every employee, we are all responsible and accountable for each other’s safety.Every employee must take an active role in our safety culture in order to offer the most productive, efficient and reliable services in our industry.

Operating environment

Every employee on our operations team is highyly trained to operate equipment properly and safety. Our operations teams takes heavy mechinery and other equipment very seriously when working.